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Beyond Academics

As a progressive school, our focuses on the holistic development of students and the wide gamut of co-scholastic activities offered in the curriculum empowers them to develop the essential faculties of emergent student's profile. Here at MLZS we offered...

Literati: The literary club of MLZS is very well organized and constructed around the theme 'learn & grow' this extraordinary club boasts of an immense amount of learning resource to help the students in learning and enchanting their literary skills.

Computer lab: The lab enables the children to equip themselves with skills that will pave a path for a batter technologically advanced life. The students are trained in technical skills and again better knowledge of computer science concepts.

Science lab: Science is always better learnt when the knowledge acquired in theory classes is realized in laboratories. Young students always relish being exposed to miracles of scientific experimentation.

Library: A book is a men's best friend. The library is a place where imagination is let loose to fly. Believing in this philosophy; we have created stock-pile of books by eminent authors on various subjects to enlighten our young students.

Football: This is a game which requires enormous amount of energy, physical strength and a lot of concentration. Children develop these qualities which are essential to excel not only in sports but also in the arena of day-to-day life.

Cricket: The most loved game in India and in many countries. through this game the students develop their stamina, patience, physical fitness and critical thinking capacity.

Art & Craft: At MLZS we encourage students to be creative and imaginative. The students love to play with colors and act like demigods, creating something new everyday.

Field Trip: Trips and excursions are the means of learning, at MLZS we organize field trip for the student according to their standards. The students are taken to different places. The students gain practical knowledge of working and maintenance of the respective places.

Skating: This is one game which is both fun and energy booster. It helps in improving body balance, agility and endurance.

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