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The underlying foundation of 'SANSKAAR' is based on 'Reverence For All'. Sanskaar is developed on six value-based broad themes which encompasses diverse sectors and caters to the development of a holistic approach towards life. These themes are outlined as:

  • Conserving forests and protecting wildlife
  • Preserving ecology
  • Sustaining environment
  • Inculcate family and human values
  • Foster women's honour
  • Instil patriotism

The program is designed in a way that these values are ingrained in the students through a variety of activities, performed collaboratively with students, school staff and external members.

Sanskaar is planned in a way that each of these six themes will be addressed through one/some of the above mentioned interventions, for some specific time span in the year, aligned with the school's academic calendar.

We believe that 'SANSKAAR' will have a significant positive impact on students and shape up their moral values in a way that yields them to become capable citizens of the society and thus, proud Mount Literans.

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